Yakushi Kabuto

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episodes that Kabuto has appeared in: Episode 23

Kabi's debut episode, yaay! In this episode, our cutie shows up to assist the rookie nine by giving them valuble information using his info cards. However, poor Kabuto makes the mistake of calling the sound village "small" or something like that. Dosu attacks him with his sound-arm thing, causing Kabuto to throw up. I now cringe every time I see that part because I feel so bad for Kabuto throwing up in front of all those people and all of my friends remember him for that one part, but, hey...no glasses!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kabuto Sonnet

In English class, since we're reading Romeo and Juliet, we had to write sonnets. At first, I was sitting there thinking, Ugh! What am I supposed to write about? But then I remember my teacher saying that sonnets are often about romance so then I'm thinking, Perfect! I'll write about Kabuto-kun! However, all of the sonnets in the class are going into a class sonnet book, but another friend assures me that as long as I say that I made him up, I'll be fine. Well, anyway, here's the sonnet:

Tied in a ponytail, silvery hair,
glasses making dark, mysterious eyes bright.
Even in that dimly lit, dark, cold lair,
you are so handsome, even with little light.

Contrasting with your hair is your clothing,
purple combined with that shining grey.
With you, there is nothing to be loathing,
within your embrace is where I wish to stay.

Despite what others think, you know evil is wrong,
even working as the enemy's spy.
Around me, you would want to stay for long,
because in many ways, we see eye to eye.

Kabuto Yakushi, I wish you were real,
as a friend and medic, your presence would heal.

Pretty good for my first try following a sonnet format ^_^ I could have gone mushier, but other students will be reading this and I don't want them to think I'm too crazy.

The Yakushi ABCs

One day, at lunch, a friend of mine and I were bored, so we came up with an alphabet listing of things to describe Kabuto. My friend however put some not-so-nice things about him, so I'll also list what I thought the letter really should have stood for.

A is for adventuous
B is for bold ( friend: but it's gonna get him killed Me: No! it makes him sexy!)
C is for cute
D is for dynamic
E is for evil (why?!)
F is for...friend: Freaky! Me: No! Fun!
G is for glasses
H is for hot
I is for intelligent
J is for...friend: jealous? Me: Why would he be? How about, uh, Japanese?
K is for Kabuto
L is for loveable
M is for Mystical Palm Technique
N is for...friend: Nosey! Me: No he isn't! Nice!
O is for...you guessed it...Obssesive girlfriend
P is for POKEMON...just kidding! Purple clothes.
Q is for QT
R is for...friend: Relentless! Me: How about relentless singer? In a good way, of course. He's probably got a great voice...*drool*
S is for sexy!
T is for...friend: Terrible! Me: Tight butt!
U is for unique
V is for villain (again, WHY?!)
W is for wonderful
X is for XOXO
Y is for youthful (not in the Rock Lee/Gai sort of way)
Z is for zany

As you can see, my friend and I tend to have disagreements about Kabuto because, well, to put it this way, not everyone likes 'em bad ;)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

How Kabuto looks when I run after him

Another picture of Kabuto-kun freaked out. It's probably because I never leave him alone.

Kabuto: Aaagh! It's that fangirl again!

Me: *gasp* Kabi-kun, who did that to you?! *Gets really close...maybe too close...but there is no such thing as too close with him...and hugs him* I'll take care of whoever hurt you cutie! *totally baby-talking him*

Kabuto: *wants to run away*

Kabuto being hot (as usual)

Kabuto's face is so beautiful in this picture. *sigh* He looks like an angel...

Kabuto and Sasuke Earth clothes

At some point in my cousin's manga, we're going to take Kabuto and Sasuke to earth. We designed clothes for them so they can fit in more. Kabi looks nice in khaki and plaid, or should I say, he looks good in anything.

Kabuto impersonating

A comic showing my obsessive fangirl worship of Kabuto. Well, I did dress up as him for my school's costume day, even though I looked nothing like him!

Yoroi and Bob!

Here is the back of one of the letters my cousin sent me. We now call Misumi (the guy that wears glasses on Kabuto's team) Bob because we were trying to remember his name, but then my cousin says, "What was his name? Bob?" So now the name stuck even though we remembered Yoroi's name easily! Episode 195 refers to that Neji actually smiles a "Wheee, I'm happy" smile in that episode and its pretty creepy. We hate him after his battle with Hinata in the Chuunin exam prelims because he was attacking Hinata mercilessly, so afterwards we were saying, "Death to Neji!" But trust me, Neji smiling is scary!

Orochimaru fairy

My cousin and I constantly come up with very unusual ideas for things that characters could do. One day, the random thought of Orochimaru with fairy wings, antenna with kunai attatched to them, and a five- pointed shuriken magic wand with Kabuto as a flower dancing around crossed my mind. I told my cousin this and she drew it, along with poor Kabi's other reaction. Please keep in mind, the nosebleed is from shock, not from other things. My cousin didn't know this until I told her, so I wrote in "(from shock)" so we know what it really means. Kabuto does make a good flower, though.


My cousin got the inspiration for this comic after watching an episode of Naruto. The episode was that after Kakashi seals Sasuke's curse mark, Orochimaru comes in to get Sasuke. When Orochimaru says, "There will be many obstacles in his path" I could've sworn he said "popsicles." The lemon flavor was my idea because it is my favorite popsicle flavor. Doesn't Kabuto-kun look adorable licking a popsicle?

Kabuto sketch for manga

My cousin is making a manga focusing on us being taken into the Naruto universe (We call it Planet Konoha) It starts off with us becoming Jedi (Yes, we are Star Wars fans too! However, I'm the one who has lots of books, action figures, etc. Before Kabuto, it was Anakin! I still think he's hot, but he has now become the "other guy.") and then we go to Planet Konoha for additional training. My cousin gets Sasuke (her favorite character, but she's not an obessesed fangirl...like me.) and I get Kabuto. Currently, we are stuck in the "Forest of Randomness" where we turn into random things such as stick figures, Wizard of Oz characters, and superheroes! She drew this picture to get down how Kabuto would look in her manga. Sorry about the folds, she mailed it to me because we live far away from each other, but every Saturday night, I call her and we discuss the episode of Naruto on that night...even if I freak her out by screaming if Kabuto comes on.

Crayon Kabuto

A crayon drawing my cousin did. We were playing with our younger cousins when she started to draw Kabuto using the crayons they were drawing with. I wasn't feeling great that day, so she gave this picture to me.

Kabuto's "theme song"

A picture my cousin drew after we pondered what would be a good "theme song" for Kabuto. Since he is a medic-nin (one of the major reasons I'm obsessed with him) we thought that this song (I'm not sure what it's called) would be perfect for him. By the way, that's me grabbing his arm.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Kabuto in the dark!

Yet another picture of my cousin's. This one she drew at night in a car, so therefore she couldn't see well and this is what happened! She also tried drawing Kabuto with his hair down, but I was horrified. It detracted from his hotness! Then my cousin crumpled the picture up and shoved it into her mouth! She said the look on my face was priceless!

Frightened Kabuto

Cute as usual, except he looks like he saw something scary...like me running after him like the insane fangirl I am.

"Oh no! Another fangirl!"

Roses are red, violets are blue...

A cute picture of Kabuto-kun my cousin drew. We were in the car when she finds a sketchpad and draws this picture. Eeek! Adorableness!!

FUN with Orochimaru

This is a video that my cousin and I found. I was very unhappy after hearing how Kabi would sound with Spongebob's voice...and I hate Spongebob. Well, anyway, it's pretty funny!

Kabi-Bob Squarepants

Here is the picture my cousin drew after seeing the FUN with Orochimaru video. He is kinda cute, even as a sponge!