Yakushi Kabuto

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Yakushi ABCs

One day, at lunch, a friend of mine and I were bored, so we came up with an alphabet listing of things to describe Kabuto. My friend however put some not-so-nice things about him, so I'll also list what I thought the letter really should have stood for.

A is for adventuous
B is for bold ( friend: but it's gonna get him killed Me: No! it makes him sexy!)
C is for cute
D is for dynamic
E is for evil (why?!)
F is for...friend: Freaky! Me: No! Fun!
G is for glasses
H is for hot
I is for intelligent
J is for...friend: jealous? Me: Why would he be? How about, uh, Japanese?
K is for Kabuto
L is for loveable
M is for Mystical Palm Technique
N is for...friend: Nosey! Me: No he isn't! Nice!
O is for...you guessed it...Obssesive girlfriend
P is for POKEMON...just kidding! Purple clothes.
Q is for QT
R is for...friend: Relentless! Me: How about relentless singer? In a good way, of course. He's probably got a great voice...*drool*
S is for sexy!
T is for...friend: Terrible! Me: Tight butt!
U is for unique
V is for villain (again, WHY?!)
W is for wonderful
X is for XOXO
Y is for youthful (not in the Rock Lee/Gai sort of way)
Z is for zany

As you can see, my friend and I tend to have disagreements about Kabuto because, well, to put it this way, not everyone likes 'em bad ;)