Yakushi Kabuto

Monday, November 27, 2006

Kabuto Sonnet

In English class, since we're reading Romeo and Juliet, we had to write sonnets. At first, I was sitting there thinking, Ugh! What am I supposed to write about? But then I remember my teacher saying that sonnets are often about romance so then I'm thinking, Perfect! I'll write about Kabuto-kun! However, all of the sonnets in the class are going into a class sonnet book, but another friend assures me that as long as I say that I made him up, I'll be fine. Well, anyway, here's the sonnet:

Tied in a ponytail, silvery hair,
glasses making dark, mysterious eyes bright.
Even in that dimly lit, dark, cold lair,
you are so handsome, even with little light.

Contrasting with your hair is your clothing,
purple combined with that shining grey.
With you, there is nothing to be loathing,
within your embrace is where I wish to stay.

Despite what others think, you know evil is wrong,
even working as the enemy's spy.
Around me, you would want to stay for long,
because in many ways, we see eye to eye.

Kabuto Yakushi, I wish you were real,
as a friend and medic, your presence would heal.

Pretty good for my first try following a sonnet format ^_^ I could have gone mushier, but other students will be reading this and I don't want them to think I'm too crazy.