Yakushi Kabuto

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 88

In his next episode, sexy boy goes into Orochimaru's room, the latter of which is screaming in pain, yay! Orochimaru tells Kabuto that he wants to find Tsunade, who could possibly heal his dead arms. So Kabi and Orochinasty set off through the woods to Tanzaku town. It seems to take them around two days to get there, which is far too long to be around Orochimaru. The best was when it looked like Orochimaru was howling at the moon...and Kabuto looked like he just wanted Orochimaru to shut up. Then, using their snake summons, they knock down the beautiful Tanzaku castle and find Tsunade. Orochimaru's outfit made my eyes bleed because it was so awful...Kabuto should have killed him for wearing that outfit.

I love the way Kabuto is posing here. But if I was with Kabuto and walking through the woods for that long, we would hold hands and stop to rest under a tree and snuggle each other. We could also bathe in a waterfall...I bet he's beautiful naked...*blush* And at night, we would lie down and hold each other tightly in our arms and the night would be warm and there would be an unbelievable number of stars in the sky...and everything would be bathed in moonlight, which would probably cause his hair to sparkle*sigh* However, I promise that I won't follow him when he has to go to the bathroom...I'm not that much of a stalker...right? But of course, we could go together...*blush*