Yakushi Kabuto

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kabuto sketch for manga

My cousin is making a manga focusing on us being taken into the Naruto universe (We call it Planet Konoha) It starts off with us becoming Jedi (Yes, we are Star Wars fans too! However, I'm the one who has lots of books, action figures, etc. Before Kabuto, it was Anakin! I still think he's hot, but he has now become the "other guy.") and then we go to Planet Konoha for additional training. My cousin gets Sasuke (her favorite character, but she's not an obessesed fangirl...like me.) and I get Kabuto. Currently, we are stuck in the "Forest of Randomness" where we turn into random things such as stick figures, Wizard of Oz characters, and superheroes! She drew this picture to get down how Kabuto would look in her manga. Sorry about the folds, she mailed it to me because we live far away from each other, but every Saturday night, I call her and we discuss the episode of Naruto on that night...even if I freak her out by screaming if Kabuto comes on.