Yakushi Kabuto

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 54

Kabuto's next episode, yay! Is it starting to creep you out that I know all of these episodes by number? Well, I am obsessive. Anyway, Kabuto and Baki, after observing Gaara killing Dosu (Yay Gaara!), discuss plans to invade Konoha. Meanwhile, Hayate watches from the backround, horrified by what the plans might be. However, when he tries to sneak away, his foot crunches on a leaf, at least that's what it was in the manga. Kabuto offers to go after Hayate, but Baki insists that he goes. In turn, Hayate dies...he was kinda cool. Kabuto looked extra sexy in this episode...mmmm, dim light.

Hiding in the shadows and looking evil, hmmm?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Episodes Kabuto has appeared in: Episode 51

Finally, our naughty boy is back after the Chuunin exam prelims. He speaks with Orochimaru (barf ><) about their want for Sasuke because of his young and "beautiful" body for Orochimaru to switch into. (Y'know, for him to be calling Sasuke's body beautiful...it sounds kinda wrong...) Sasuke, as we know, is currently in the hospital after his fight with Kabuto's rather ugly teammate, Yoroi. So Kabuto-kun is told to find Sasuke and kill him. Kabi, being caught off guard by this request is just like, "What the heck?" and he seems to be terrified...poor baby. Thankfully, Orochimaru wasn't serious (we hope) and tells Kabuto simply to bring Sasuke back to him...alive. Kabu-chan's face then gets really creepy as he hops off. When he gets to the hospital, he kills the guards stationed there with great ease as he approaches pretty-boy (yuck!) He then pulls out a scalpel and is about to slit Sasuke's throat when Kakashi appears! Yay! He's awesome but not near much as sexy boy. Kakashi is extremely suspicious of Kabuto, believing his is in league with Orochimaru. Kabuto obviously denies any connection to him and instead decides to pull out a big shiny knife and hold it near Sasuke's throat, oh no!! Okay, not really, I don't care much for Sasuke, but, anyway, Kakashi knocks the knife out of Kabuto's hand and it looks like he kills him, NO!!!!! Suddenly, one of the supposedly dead ANBU gets up and crashes out of a window. As he falls, he pulls back his mask to reveal that sexy face we all know and love to excess! It turns out that "Kabuto" was simply a corpse he reanimated with his Shikon no Jutsu, causing it to create enough distraction for Kabuto to follow snake-guy's orders, but allow him to escape if necessary. The amount of squealing I did during this episode almost made my cousin deaf.
Mmmm mmm, looking delicious as always! Oh, a really annoying and useless edit they did in the dub was changing the way the glare on his glasses looked and made it look worse. They could've just left it alone...but he's still hot, epecially when adjusting those glasses!