Yakushi Kabuto

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kabuto and I Under a Starry Sky

This is a picture I drew of Kabuto and I snuggling out on the African plains, as shown by the acacia trees. I realize that the stars kinda look like snow, but we all know it can't snow on the Serengeti!^^;

Monday, August 13, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 92

Here, Kabuto and Orochimaru set off to see what Tsunade has decided. Kabuto, while sneaking around, is not too happy to discover that they have another Sannin, Jiraiya, to deal with. Meanwhile, Tsunade seems to accept Orochimaru's offer, but then, Kabuto stops her, saying that she had killing intent. But in this episode...Kabuto does...BACKFLIPS!!! Squeeeeee!!!!

Look at those tight buns! I wonder what the rest of him would look like...naked...*blush*

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 91

Unfortunately, Kabuto is only thought of in this episode, as Tsunade is thinking of the amount of time to decide. But still...THINK OF BABY BOY!! You know he's cute...

He needs that face licked and those bangs pulled (gently) so badly!

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 90

In this episode, Orochimaru gives Tsunade around a week to decide if she will heal his arms and he in turn will resurrect Nawaki and Dan. As Kabuto leaves, there is yet another ZOOMED-IN SHOT OF THOSE HOT BUNS!!!!! Sadly, I could not find a picture...

*drool* A mug shot...such a bad boy!

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared in: Episode 89

Now having met up with Tsunade, Kabuto and Orochimaru try to bribe her into healing Orochimaru's arms by claiming that if she does so, they will bring her brother, Nawaki, and boyfriend, Dan, back to life. Shizune, Tsunade's extremely annoying and Kabuto-stealing attendant, then decides to attack Orochimaru. However, Kabuto saves his master, but Shizune holds a scalpel up to his throat. Of course, he is unharmed.

Evil boyfriend-stealer! GET YOUR HANDS OFF KABUTO-KUN!! He's mine...