Yakushi Kabuto

Monday, September 10, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 93

This has to be my favorite Kabuto episode. After Tsunade refuses Orochimaru's offer, she fights them. Finally, we get to see Kabuto kick some butt! He eventually resorts to splashing blood on Tsunade, which causes her to collapse. Then, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Shizune show up to assist. The Sannin battle is on!

Kyaa!! He looks so cute chewing the plasma pill! Speaking of chewing, if I took him back to my house, I'd cook for him, and he'd eat everything, and his belly would bulge just a little, and I'd poke it, and then we'd go up to my room, and...I don't need to be going into my Kabuto fantasies, now, do I? ^^;