Yakushi Kabuto

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 54

Kabuto's next episode, yay! Is it starting to creep you out that I know all of these episodes by number? Well, I am obsessive. Anyway, Kabuto and Baki, after observing Gaara killing Dosu (Yay Gaara!), discuss plans to invade Konoha. Meanwhile, Hayate watches from the backround, horrified by what the plans might be. However, when he tries to sneak away, his foot crunches on a leaf, at least that's what it was in the manga. Kabuto offers to go after Hayate, but Baki insists that he goes. In turn, Hayate dies...he was kinda cool. Kabuto looked extra sexy in this episode...mmmm, dim light.

Hiding in the shadows and looking evil, hmmm?