Yakushi Kabuto

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Short Story About Kabuto! Yet Again, From English Class!

As you have been seeing, I have come up with interesting Kabuto-related literature in my English class. We were given the topic, "follow the scent" so I wrote a story using scents to describe the scene. However, my friend thought it would be a lemon fanfic. Don't worry, it isn't. Well, here it is:

I will forever remember the time he took me into that field. How we cuddled, breathing the cool forest air around us. In the meadow, we were surrounded by beautiful flowers that perfumed the air. He pulled me close to him and I buried my face into his neck, and I could smell his freshly washed, long, silver hair, and his skin, which his scent is always nice. For my entire life, in my mind, I will always remember tying the sweet-smelling wildflowers into his lush hair, topped by a white iris around his long ponytail, the color of which complemented his hair's shining white sheen. And, for all eternity, I will remember how he fell onto me and kissed me passionately, the grape hyacinth, violets, irises, and countless other flowers filling the air with a dizzyingly intoxicating aroma, along with his clothing of soft purple fabric, of which he had just laundered. And, because of this sense that is smell, is why the two of us will forever remember our first kiss.

He looks like he's hiding his face in embarrassment, doesn't he? Maybe he had just seen me lying before him...