Yakushi Kabuto

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Episodes Kabuto Has Appeared In: Episode 61

Kabuto now is going to "assist" with the Chuunin exams! He disguises himself as an ANBU to sneak into the Chuunin exam finals! And when they first show him, they're zoomed in on his crotch! Sorry, I'm such a perv...^.^; Anyway, when Hinata begins coughing up blood, Kabuto comes in and heals Hinata. People thought he was being a perv because he had his hand on Hinata's chest. If he was touching there on me...*dirty thoughts* Later, however, Akamaru recognizes his scent, prompting Kabuto to knock both Kiba and Akamaru out before his cover is blown. Maybe I should just call him, "my sexy spy." SQUEEEE[insert more fangirl scream here]

Mmmm, how sexy!